Crash Landing à la Rock'n'roll

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I wrote a contemporary novel which is matching the needs of the information and wisdom age.

The novel tells about Alexa, a powerful and artistically talented woman, who races through life

with idealism and lust for life. But again and again her fearlessness brings her to the borders

of existence and her search for love and happiness ends in a self-destructive lifestyle.

Only at the mids-thirties she discovers methods, which help her to create a joyful and 

more effective way of living. Then she finds love and happiness in completely unknown places. 



I wrote a novel which gives everybody access to the complex structures of our perception of the world.

I wrote for people who do not like to read non-fiction and who think that an intellectual access

to the world is one-sided. I wrote for the ones who juggle through life with a lot of emotions

and who think that the personal body experience is the main point of reference.

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Gewicht 300 g
Größe 12,5 × 19,0 cm

6 Bewertungen für Crash Landing à la Rock'n'roll

  1. Dagmar

    A thrilling novel about the life of Alexa, an artistic woman, about her way through life and inner world of idealistic thoughts, motivations, desires, karma and her search for happiness. All the answers she finds when she finally starts to work with herself, her inner patterns and most importantly with her own mind. During reading my own past life came up so vividly to me again, which – I think – only proves, that lives of many of us are similarly shaped with idealism and wish to be happy. In my opinion this book can help many in their search for happiness and meaningful life.

  2. Gustavo Zapata

    It was amazing book, very inspirational and touch me deeply. This book can show you how the human beings can search and find the happiness with absolutely determination and then see how everything is possible.
    Waiting for the second!!!

  3. Martina Mikolas

    When I was reading this book, it helped me to realize almost invisible trap of golden cage of comfortable but unhappy marriage, where so many women live today! Thanks to this book I was enough brave to forgive myself and accept that my soul is wild, free and the desire for spiritual development is completely alright. The book is full of life experiences, desribed clearly and also with deep explanation how the things are. Thank you very much!

  4. Mafe Duque

    I loved this book, helped me realize so many deep issues and patterns in my ife that I was just ignoring. I really felt this connection with the main character and see myself in some of the same situations. It was just an amazing reading!!

  5. Pavel Viller

    Thrilling book!!! Great story, wonderfuly written.

  6. Adriana Vanegas

    Maravilloso e inspirador libro, me atrapo la historia todo el tiempo. lo disfrute demasiado
    Wonderful and inspiring book, I was hooked on the story every time. I enjoyed it too much.

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